About the School

About The School  

From the Principal:

Welcome to Woodridge Elementary Fine Arts Magnet Academy 2017-2018! Our main focus this year is to continue to create an environment of artistic exposure to enhance and improve student achievement.  This year, students in kindergarten through second grade will continue to explore all fine arts choices, while 3-5 grade students will choose their intensive fine art. Fourth and fifth grade students will specialize in one fine arts choice as they prepare to transition to middle school, and third grade students will select a different fine arts focus each semester.

Our Fine Arts program will consist of Dance, Theatre Arts, Piano, Strings, Choir, and Visual Arts. The research states that experiencing activities through these artistic areas will benefit our students both physically and cognitively.  Students will improve in self-confidence, self-awareness, communication, creativity, and collaborative skills.   These skills will also translate into academics for college and career readiness. 

Feel free to stop by to visit the school and our classrooms at any available time to partner with us in helping our students be center stage of creativity and critical thinking!

Deidre Hannible
Proud Principal