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A little bit of what you can expect:

I began my Orchestra journey in 5th grade. As a former All Region Violinist and 2007 graduate from Arkansas,  I believe that all students need and deserve the opportunity to learn to perform music on an instrument and to be allowed to participate in an instrumental music program.  Music is an important part of every child's life.  Music is also an important part of every child's education.  It is my goal for our Orchestra program at Woodridge Fine Arts Academy to provide that opportunity to assist in the education of every child in the Orchestra program.  


Playing a stringed instrument such as the violin, viola, cello or string bass requires small and large-motor muscle control and coordination.  Left hand fingers moving up and down in definite and complicated patterns while the right arm draws the bow perpendicularly across the correct string at the appropriate speed and with the appropriate weight to create a clear, ringing tone while simultaneously making split-second adjustments to pitch, articulation and tone.  This all happens while the student decodes music on the page in front of him or her and determines the next complex set of movements needed to create the next sound.


Musical performance challenges students to excel.  It teaches discipline, focus, teamwork, sharing, and setting and achieving common goals.  It helps students learn how to integrate into a complex social environment and create beauty out of nothing but metal strings and wooden boxes.  


Some students who struggle in classroom subjects find that Orchestra is a place where they can experience success, both individually and as a team.  Other students who tend to be followers in a classroom setting find their niche as leaders in orchestra.  Students make friends in Orchestra; they learn to trust and rely on each other.  


It is my goal to provide a safe, fun environment for interested students to explore music and, through that exploration, to learn how to succeed in life.


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