About Woodridge FAMA Library Media Center

Our Library

Woodridge Elementary Library houses a multitude of books and reference materials including books, Ebooks, audiobooks, DVD’s/videos as well as access to several high quality databases which include Encyclopedia Brittanica and EBSCO. LIbrary online searching is available on networked computers.

There are several Chromebooks for students to access the online catalog, place holds on books and access Accelerated Reader. These computers are used for any type of research project by a student who does not have access to a computer or Internet at home.

The library is central to the learning process and provides WFAMA students with the knowledge and grand ideas that lie within the covers of great books or amid the global village of the Internet. While classroom instruction fosters competence and stimulates interest in reading and using information, the library staff works with the faculty to design learning strategies that meet the needs of individual students. The librarian facilitates the Renaissance Learning programs and Accelerated Reader.  

In agreement with the Texas Library Association and Texas Library State Standards we believe that:

  • Libraries are essential to the creation and sharing of ideas in the community;

  • Libraries are forward-thinking, technology-driven institutions, more vital today than ever before;

  • Our library reflects a truly diverse field of information work, representative of the variety and scope of libraries in the state.

Building relationships is a priority for our learning community. We are committed to actively participating in literacy campaigns and programs

Our library media specialist works collaboratively with teachers to create lessons that teach reading objectives and provide additional instruction for our emerging and struggling readers. In addition, our librarian offers hands on instruction that promotes effective use of the library and other information resources. Quality library instruction gives our students the skills to locate, use and evaluate information.  These skills lead to increased academic success, better papers, and highly quality research projects and reduces the incidence of plagiarism.

Book Fairs Bookworm.png The library hosts one Scholastic Book Fair each year, in the spring.  Students can buy books or cool school supplies.  The book fair offers parents an opportunity to support both the library and the classroom teacher's library. All money made from our book fairs goes directly back to the library to help purchase additional materials for students and teachers.
Meet Our Library Media Specialist
Our library media specialist, Ms Rose Smith was born, raised and educated in Arkansas.. She grew up the daughter, granddaughter and relative of many educators.. Ms. Smith received her Bachelor of Arts from Hendrix College where she majored in Elementary Education. She received her Masters of Science degree in Educational Media/Library Science from the University of Central Arkansas. Prior to becoming a Library/Media Specialist, she taught 4th grade Remedial Reading, 4th grade Self-contained, and 4th grade Math. .