Library Code of Conduct

Appropriate Conduct in the Library

Welcome to the Library at woodridge Fine Arts Magnet Academy.  Our primary goal in the Library is to help students succeed with information, and our policies related to appropriate use of the Library are written to achieve this purpose. Whether you are visiting or you are a student working on a class assignment, meeting with your fellow students, reading, or relaxing, we want your Library experience to be a positive point in your day.

While almost all students have a positive and productive experience in the Library and find it a supportive and safe learning environment, we do need to establish certain rules and guidelines for appropriate behavior. The following statement has been prepared for this purpose.


Use of the Library is a privilege extended to Woodridge Elementaryst to support learning and promote academic success. Through the Library, the school provides students with access to computers, laptops, books, study space, comfortable seating, and learning spaces. Students are expected to follow school rules defined in the Student Code of Conduct Handbook, guidelines, and CHAMPS in order to maintain their good standing and continue to receive library privileges.

General Expectations:

  • Students are expected to behave in a civil manner that does not interfere with other people using the facility. Excessive displays of affection, wrestling, and similar physical contact activities are considered a disturbance.

  • Students are encouraged to use the facility for individual and group work, but students who participate in groups that become disruptive through excessive noise or other disruptive behaviors will be held accountable, individually and collectively, for the group’s actions.

  • Talking in a normal voice that does not disturb others is permitted in all parts of the library.

  • Playing musical instruments as well as IPOD music and similar devices without headphones is considered a disturbance.

  • Students are expected to leave the furniture, equipment, and facilities in good condition for the next person’s use.

  • Food and drink are not permitted in the Library.

  • Students are expected to follow directions or instructions of library and school staff.

  • Students borrowing materials (books, laptops, or media) are responsible for returning them on time and in the same condition as when borrowed.

  • Students may not remove materials designated for Library Use Only from the facility. This includes laptops and any other library property so designated.

  • Students are responsible for paying any fines incurred for overdue, lost, or damaged materials charged to their library account.

  • Students are not permitted to share their ID card with anyone or download or share information with non-DeSoto ISD students.

  • Students are expected to obey copyright laws and applicable software licenses.

  • Students are expected to follow the policy on Appropriate Use of Information Technology.

Students who violate these guidelines may lose their library privileges,


As a DeSoto ISD middle school, we welcome visitors to the Library. Generally, visitors are expected to follow the same rules and general expectations as students regarding courteous behavior, school rules, and interactions with school staff. Failure to comply with these expectations will result in the visitor being asked to leave the Library.

Visitors may use library books  in the Library, but they may not borrow them or remove them from the facility.  The Library provides limited access to computers and Internet access to support the use of Library digital resources,


All students, staff, faculty, and visitors in the Library are expected to cooperate with library and college employees at all times.