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The following was taken from Mrs. Gills website -Thank you Mrs. Gill for permission to copy your work.

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Accelerated Reader Rules

  • Students may not take tests on books more than 3 levels below their reading level. Example: I can read at an 8th grade level. I can take tests on 5th, 6th, and 7th grade books.

  • You must read the entire book before taking a test.

  • Do not read the first few chapters of the book and try to pass the test. You won’t.

  • Do not take a test if you’ve only “seen the movie.”

  • You may not use the book while taking the test unless the book is over 50 pages.  You may use the Fiction Book Summary and Non-Fiction Book Summary as aids.

  • Do not help other people with their tests. This is cheating.

  • No talking while taking tests.

  • Tests may only be taken in the library, computer lab, or in the classroom with your teacher’s permission.

  • If you observe someone breaking the rules, notify your librarian privately. I will investigate the accusation and delete the test if necessary.

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